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It will take time

Ask to win the Super Bowl in New Orleans Saints. In 1980, it won its first game until next to last game of the season, finishing with a franchise worst record of 1-15. During the season, Saints fans in the Super dome are shown in a paper bag on their heads, the use of any signs suggesting that the team should be called "Aints.

Although we do not expect critics of current economic policy paper bag gift, hopefully you will take time for the U.S. economy recover from recession Great. Winds created by the largest delivering in the history of the world's biggest challenge is made by Re leveraging stimuli government worldwide. However, government efforts have limitations. From small economy over levered (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), from a medium-sized and larger economic over levered (Greece, Portugal, Spain), and even, perhaps, eventually affecting the larger economy over levered ( UK, Japan, USA).

Of course, when you are holding printing money in the world, you have a huge advantage. However, the U.S. has only been put on notice by an entity that regulates (Moody's), known as the small or lack a strong economic growth is a need to keep the same higher credit rating. However, the most likely case than the history will remain high, with a slowly growing number of policies.

No doubt, now is not the time to panic or paper gift bags. Hopefully the EU and / or the IMF and / or a group of finance ministers from the world of work through the issues raised mainly by debt. The settings are not attractive, but there will be changes in the economic world. The results not only challenge the government, but the social fabric of some countries.

Important, it has become increasingly difficult for countries in the world to keep the same rank highest credit rating. The consequences for portfolio insurance is more than a change of mind of a true perspective of credit risk. History, the difference, really very little to the credit rating among the highest and next highest rating of credit. However, investment in insurance law and insurance policies are built on the idea that the U.S. government guaranteed (directly or through the cue) the securities are the safest investments. In a delivering world economy, the credit risk should be constantly monitored and analyzed.

What next!

Take a hard look at what a good investment of your insurance policy and it allows the portfolio in terms of credit risk. For years, the strategic properties of the Alliance has provided customers the opportunity to evaluate the credit risk of degradation both in terms of price (for the transfer of capacity) and loss given default. Review our loan portfolio using a group approach claims that highlights expected net income of instruments of credit is almost never a "normal distribution". And consider this in light of the political limitations, too.

It will take time for the biggest impact of delivering in the history of the world felt in all its aspects. And the time for the world economy to recover fully, because, ultimately, delivering require payment of debt, which is more easily accomplished in time if you can not do once.

It took thirty years for the Saints to bounce back from the depths to the top of their sport. Economy of the world should take more time to get the ... but will take time. Meanwhile, just to make sure my next grocery trip, I will ask for paper instead of plastic.

Alton grab, CFA, CPA, CAIA, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, established strategic asset Alliance ( in 1994 as the first company in the investment consulting exclusively to serving the insurance companies.

Mr Grabber has over twenty years experience in financial institution with more than half of that time in senior financial management. He is a financial ANALYST, CPA and Chartered Investment Analyst alternative. Mr Grabber has a BA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Always watch by a professional before acting on the suggestions or opinions stated in this article.

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