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Make sure that customs will not return your package

Millions of letters and parcels sent to and from the UK each year and everything is verified and controlled by His Majesty revenue and customs. It is clear that security is low in comparison to sending the goods on time and all must abide by the rules.

If the destination is sending the package is outside the European Union and its value is less than 270 pounds, you may need to complete a CN22 customs declaration form. Label, if signed and dated, following the top left corner of the front of the pack and practices of officials will know what is inside, the weight of the content and value.

Customs departments throughout the world have become more stringent in recent years about the packet that comes into their country without proper documentation. Be sure to complete the necessary documents, as it is not worth taking a risk of delay in your package or return to you. Clear identification of elements within a package is a necessity, but it is so important to realize that there are certain things just can not be shipped.

Courier companies in the world often have a list of websites of illegal products is not allowed to send any other country or the United Kingdom. Any hazardous products, for example, is prohibited, such as flammable liquids, fuse and ammunition. Such things as firearms, radioactive materials, pornographic materials, living things and destroy goods also generally prohibited.

If you are considering sending unusual items with a courier company, you should see either the company website for details of prohibited goods, or call the company directly. The only way to ensure that the Customs Department will not stand in the way of his delivery is sure to follow the rules.

By choosing to send their packages to one of the leading courier companies in the UK, not just paying to have a package delivered. You should expect good customer service, so if you need guidance on what can and can not be sent to receive the advice you need.

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