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Home Delivery came that customers

How do you manage without a home delivery? The number and range of issues that you may have right to your door these days is amazing.

It all began when Rowland Hill was a pioneer in the service of letter post in 1839. He dreamed of a mail service cheap and effective affordable to all, and the first person to suggest the adoption of a mark in a letter to show that the value of their cars are pre-payment.

It also showed how the low cost of transporting the individual components of the email can, and proposed that the charging system which is widely used today, with the weight as the basis for the cost, not the number of leaves. The fee for sending first agreed by the Government of the time was an old penny (0.5 pence), and using a label or mark as pre-paid fixed signaling that the payment is made.

A public competition was organized 1839 with the objective of developing a design for the stickers or pre-printed paper use the service for non-winners. In contrast, Rowland Hill's idea was adopted, and worked with a firm of printers bring them to production.

As a result, gold seal first, the now famous Penny Black, was released in May 1840. It was followed within days by two-cent stamp, and it became a way around the world which means that payment for carrying a letter or package is started.
Seal it, however, is not approved for use in other countries. Instead, the General Post Office (GPO) insisted on a hand-stamped the name of the city or country where the article was posted.

Now we have a set of stamps available worldwide and, of course, a thriving entertainment was born out of the collection. However, by the growth of pre-printed stationery and envelopes, stamps are not widespread as they used to.

Delivery is also changed through the years and once relied on horses, trucks and later, to surrender our position today is mainly to stem major center of bulk mail delivery trucks or, if coming from overseas , carried by the wind.

However, despite the globalization of the world, and other technology brings people closer together, the principle of using a stamp to appoint and pay for home delivery of items large and small ones.

Delivery itself, however, is more sophisticated, with modern computer technology capable of tracking through a letter of notice of delivery, and allowing both the sender and recipient to monitor his progress through their journey.

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