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Scanners Canon imageFORMULA recognized BLi

Canon is recognized by top independent evaluators and international customers Laboratory Inc. (BLi) for his Canon imageFORMULA DR9050C and document scanners DR6050C production, which was released by Canon in April 2009. This document scanners high speed is awarded the fall of BLi Choose pending and low production volume sheet fed scanner, while collecting the coveted Outstanding Achievement Awards.

For over 45 years, consumers Laboratory Inc. (BLi) is the number one source of unbiased and reliable intelligence for the industry of imaging. With the result, control techniques, accurate and highly anticipated annual "Pick awards buyers Year 'Laboratory Inc. (BLi) is recognized worldwide as a kind of power industry documents to print and their awards is always deeply searched the major manufacturers of imaging solutions.

The Canon and DR9050C imageFORMULA DR6050C was elected to the fall of BLi 'Select' award, with two 'Outstanding Achievement Awards. The two models launched by Canon last year with the goal of higher combined with scanning speed, increase energy efficiency and improved ergonomics. BLi highlighted the features of high quality and value of exceptional DR9050C and especially was impressed by the great functions of software, simple configuration, easy-to-use hardware and the wide range of one -touch scan profiles from the control panel, not to mention his duplex document scanning capabilities. BLi also notice that models in higher prices on many others, DR9050C high speed scanner provides a scan speed of the production level of a price too below the average of its range of scanners from maing productivity DR9050C fast document scanner. BLi Test Technician Joe Ellerman said,

Despite its lower price, [the DR9050C] does not skimp on features for image enhancement. It offers more than you expect, including Automatic color detection, two text enhancement features, reducing moire, mirror, eliminating existing hole and custom color drop-out.

MR ImageFORMULA Canon 6050C scanner is simple, more professional than anything for their extraordinary efficiency, but also a broader range of functions image processing scanners typically low volume production is usually payable,

The Canon 6050C MR imageFORMULA offer a complete package for any user, with easy to use control panel and test faster scanning speed production scanners its speed range,

Joel is Ellerman's analysis.

After learning of the awards, Trevor Dodsworth, head of product marketing on Canon Business Solutions, UK, is delighted,

As BLi recognized for high quality of our DR6050C and scanners DR9050C show of strength in our exploration portfolio. In a fast growing market where organizations seek to achieve higher read performance at a lower cost, Canon is able to show a range of attractive options to meet the research needs of our customers.

Falcon Document Management as an important partner Canon Business Solutions, participation in satisfaction of the Canon in the news and thanks BLi further recognize outstanding performance in industrial solutions to imaging.

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