Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

There things you must do before you submit your article

Now, using article to make our promotion success is very great way. This promotion will cost your time more than before. To write one article, you need proximately about five minute, of course if you rewrite another people article. If your make article with your original idea, this will take you about 20 minute to finish the article.

I know, not all people have ability to write article. Especial for the people that have different language. For example, people in Indonesian will need to learn English first, before he or she can continue to write article to promotion purpose.

Of course you must think careful about the grammar you use to write article, make sure the grammar is correct before you submit your article. Hope this article can help you to write better. I know what I write is bad, but I learning to make it better.

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